How can I be sure I am buying genuine Tiffany?

In general, there is only one way consumers can be sure the goods they are buying online are not Tiffany replicas, and that is by only shopping for Tiffany products at the company's official website.

Oftentimes, sellers of Tiffany replicas will claim that the goods offered for sale on their website are "grade A," "grade AAA," or some other ill-defined measure of quality and should not be regarded as a sign the goods are authentic. Most notably, if the deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Regardless of how the Tiffany replicas are portrayed on the website, there will always be distinguishing signs, and, if they are received, the replica Tiffany goods can often be immediately identified as counterfeit, based on their appearance and durability.

Tiffany is committed to quashing counterfeiting whenever and wherever it can, and the best method of doing so continues to be in bringing suit against sellers of Tiffany replicas, and cutting off their deceptive practices at the source.